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Ryavec Consulting

Ryavec Consulting Redesign/ Louisville, Kentucky


What would it look like if we took traditional web design, and flipped it on its head?

Currently in-development, the rebranding of Ryavec Consulting is directed at getting the potential client to the point…fast. Throughout the research phase of this project, I discovered that many consultant companies have vague web design, with the consumer having to go out of their way to figure out whether or not they are a software company or a consulting firm. 

As you can tell, we removed this doubt and then some...


Customers are typically already in crisis mode by the time they begin their search for a software consultant, with release dates and deadlines coming up regularly. 

I kept thinking about the workforce, in it’s evolution over the past hundred years or so leading up to our technological age. Starting with a midcentury feel and building to somewhat futuristic, this landing page shows the subtle growth of workforce styling. 

Copy is clean and to the point, yet covers the bases needed for easy information.

Working directly with one of RC’s web designers, this page is fully animated with an easy flow. Additionally, business cards are created to give employees and sub-contractors a choice, breeding a small sense of self within the company. 

Full rebrand implementation currently in process. Estimated completion December 2018.