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Erudite Tutors

Knowledge empowered.


Erudite Tutors
Atlanta, Georgia
Creative Direction // Brand Design
Digital + Print Media, Web design, Copywriting
Tagline: Knowledge Empowered.

After initially beginning work with the gals at Erudite in 2017 to create supplemental campaigns, I was contacted by them in October 2018 to begin conceptualizing a full brand redesign. 

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Web Design

Client was in need of a fully responsive website with booking and easy to find information. EGC supplemented and redesigned the already-in-place website, updating the web presence to the new brand and feel, and adding new online service capabilities. 

Logo + Brand Design

We began with the logo - an identifiable symbol of education, inspired by 1940’s European graphic design. Because the average age of Erudite’s students are in high school, we decided to keep the brand palette from becoming “kiddy” - also corresponding with the rising levels of stay-at-home-dads making education decisions. 

Carrying over the EGC created tagline, “Knowledge Empowered”, we worked to create a unique, “Erudite” voice - cheeky, yet always professional. 


Digital Media

Worked to create digital media for a variety of platforms - Traditional online ad models, Instagram, Facebook, Nextdoor, etc.


Print Media + Marketing Materials

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