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Village Yoga //

Atlanta, Georgia
Jan/Feb, 2o19
Print + Digital Media//Mural Work
Commissioned by a boutique yoga studio in North Atlanta to create graphics for t-shirts, as a supplemental logo, and on print and digital marketing materials. With that brief in mind, client additionally commissioned EGC to paint an 8x10’ mural for the main practice room, corresponding to the original graphics.

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VY mural

Rehearsal Dinner Suite //

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Baltimore, Maryland
August, 2o19
Print Media
Contacted by a mother of the groom to design the invitations for the upcoming rehearsal dinner. She was looking for something fun and light, that celebrated her son’s commitment and his decision to propose. This, along with the Italian restaurant venue, led to the bold, graphic, bow-tie look and the copy, “They Met. He Asked. We Dine.” After presenting her with the idea of Italian translations on the back as ice breakers, the client also added a menu before we decided to conceptualize the entire feel of the event. The client ended up additionally commissioning a graphic poster for the guests to sign and a set of thank you notes.

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Custom House Portraiture //

Custom, digitally compiled house portraiture. Handpainted linework. Contact to find out how to get your hands on one.

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Nashville, TN

Louisville, KY